yourlifestorycoverjpgExploring Your Life Story – An exploration into our relationship with our inner narrative.

We all have life stories that color who we are and what we believe. Some stories are cherished and bring us joy, while others we hold on to rigidly and keep us stuck in pain or negative patterns. Exploring Your Life Story contains over 55 writing and creativity exercises plus personal growth strategies to help you explore, record, and shift your relationship with your life’s inner narrative.

Enjoy journaling, storytelling, doodling, or scrapbooking? Exploring Your Life Story kicks off a personal journey into the depth, growth, quirkiness, creativity, and curiosity that colors every detail of your life. Think of this workbook like your own personal natural history museum where you’ll observe and collect everything you learn about yourself. A living document where you’ll keep adding the stories, memories, wisdom, and possibilities of your lifetime… like an interactive autobiography that grows and changes as you do.

Throughout the writing process, you’ll grow to appreciate your uniqueness and learn how to evaluate and change your relationship with your inner narrative.

This project draws on implications from positive psychology, personal development, life coaching, narrative psychology, and art therapy. It is designed to enhance personal growth, joy, and creativity in adults. Because this is an e-book, readers are encouraged to purchase a notebook or binder in which they can write and draw in conjunction with these exercises for years to come.

Recent research indicates writing and nostalgia are good for the brain, but you don’t have to be an accomplished writer to tell the story of your life. This project is designed to compliment anybody’s style and skill. Rather than writing a lengthy narrative, the covered topics are divided into short individual exercises where you can write as little or as much as you want. This workbook helps you stay motivated in harnessing the proven positive effects of writing, journaling, creativity, and memory recall.

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Why Should I Explore My Life Story? About The Book.

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Mindfulness sets the stage for creativity to enter the scene. For most of us, our minds are already overflowing with worries and obligations, yet we still pressure ourselves to come up with new ideas and creative solutions. A full brain + additional demand = an overflow of overwhelm. Think writer’s block. Think stifled creativity. Mindfulness clears the cluttered table and wipes the canvas clean.

Cultivating Your Everyday Mindfulness makes the concept of mindfulness practical and accessible to all. A clear & concise introduction to adapting mindfulness into daily life in a way that’s enjoyable and pressure-free. With mindfulness there need be no worries of right or wrong, judgment or guilt, expectation or pressure, or specific religious orientation. We can each interpret and adapt mindfulness in our own way and this book explains how. Written with warmth and a gentle humor, it’s just enough to learn the concept without boring you or smothering you.  Includes exercises and an extensive up-to-date resource list.  Cultivating Your Everyday Mindfulness is even included on the curriculum reading list of several major university courses.

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