a case of the mundays – monday (entrepreneur interview series)

within seconds of stumbling onto the blog a case of the mundays, i knew there had to be someone pretty fabulous running the show. first thought: we like the same shades of blue. second thought: blair munday’s brilliant smile tells me something very happy is going on here and i need to know more.

when you see her impeccable taste in design and attention to detail, you instantly know that this blog is something special. her projects and favorite things are showcased with flawless photography. it’s the kind of blog you brag to your friends about finding first.

a few emails later and i’m e-interviewing blair to find out the story behind her blog. i love to know what makes creative people tick and we can all gain something from understanding how people pursue their passion. here’s what i found out:


brad: what were you doing before you started blogging?

blair: i work full-time in creative at an independent record label. i coordinate all of our album packages + our video shoots, photo shoots, and online networking. fun fun! but i quickly found myself feeling uninspired in my private life – outside of the office. i began blogging as an outlet for new ideas and to inspire myself beyond my 9-5.

brad: what’s your background… work, school, creative influence, etc.?

blair: i actually studied music. i needed an intern & a job, and the creative department was the only internship that paid. i took the job reluctantly. now almost 10 years later, i’ve learned so much and really love what i’m doing.

brad: how old is your blog and how has it grown?

blair: a case of the mundays is about 2 years old. or that’s when i began to get serious about blogging and new content. we’re edging 200k views and averaging about 13,000 views a month.

brad: what is your blog’s theme/vision/message/purpose?

blair: i launched a case of the mundays to share my inspiration, adventures and projects. i also love sharing about great causes! i recently had to change my diet to be gluten free. i love sharing new recipes and tips for gfree living. my husband and i are also running a marathon in 2 weeks to raise money for barefoot republic – a camp focused on diversity. and then 4 weeks later – we’re heading to ethiopia to work w/ the awassa children’s project!

brad: what are the challenges you encountered as a new blogger? 

blair: wow – there are a lot! check out my 6 confessions. a few specifics: i’ve had to remind myself often that i blog as a hobby – and hobbies are things you enjoy. i would get really overwhelmed. so when it becomes work and i’m blogging about things i’m not passionate about – i take a little breather to get my priorities straight again. i also really want people to know that we’re real. we’re newly weds and we have good days and bad days. we live in a 500 square foot apartment and we’re on a very limited budget.

brad: where would you like to see your blog in a few years? 

blair: i’d really like to launch an etsy shop. i’ve already got the idea – and most of the resources. seriously – it’s time to get busy! (teeny tiny no workshop details to work out!). honestly… i’d like to get to a comfortable place where i can make enough money from crafting to cover the new crafts i create! ha. not too much to ask, eh!?! i think that would really make my husband happy too. ;)

brad: is the blog self-supportive? is it a hobby blog or do you hope for profitability?

blair: i have a few sponsorship options (though mostly i do blog sponsorship swaps). occasionally i’ll run a campaign with social spark. however – i am pretty picky about only running campaigns that fit my blog demographic. i’ve reinvested everything i’ve made by purchasing blog sponsorships on other blogs w/ similar content to mine. i love supporting other bloggers and it’s an excellent way to see blog growth!

brad: who are your favorite bloggers/blogs/inspirations?

blair: oh this is hard! i have so many. i love rubyellen of cakies. she is so honest and passionate about her sweet family. plus she’s a creative genius. i also really love the heart of ashley ann at under the sycamore. her photography class is on my MUST DO list.

brad: any mistakes along the way that readers can vicariously learn from?

blair: i think i’ve often compared myself too much to other bloggers. it made me greedy … i wanted more money to spend. i wanted kids to photograph. i wanted to stay home so that i could have more time to be creative. those aren’t the cards i’ve been dealt at this time. and i’m very thankful for a husband who reminds me how good we have it. when i get in one of those slumps, i take a day or two off.

brad: your blog is beautifully designed- care to share your secrets? do you pretty much know the ins and outs of blog design/graphic design or do you have help? 

blair: why thank you. the blog is a CONSTANT work in progress. ha. i’m never satisfied. i am super thankful for pugly pixel- and all her great tutorials and web content. :) it’s amazing what a little blog bling can do to a post!

speaking of blog bling, look at these amazing lemon drops and that incredible blue table where they get to hang out! courtesy: blair munday

brad: what advice could you give someone new to blogging?

blair: there’s a whole heap of mean people out there just waiting to say something negative on your blog. :( super sad. isn’t it crazy how one negative comment can quickly out weigh the ten positive comments!?! not cool. i strive to be an encourager to other bloggers (especially new bloggers) by at least one positive comment a day!

brad: one final very important question. considering it’s your namesake and blog title, i just have to ask, just how do you feel about mondays?

blair: both the day and my last name are growing on me! :) at first it was very confusing. on one particular occasion, i went to an appointment and after the receptionist asked if i had an appointment, he questioned “monday?”. i immediately responded “i could have sworn it was today!” then it hit me – he was referring to my last name NOT the day of the week. that one still gets me too often!

thanks blair! for more on mundays visit acaseofthemundays.com

next time i’ll be chatting with an accomplished nyc musician turned web designer who built a successful home-based business in a matter of months…  until then, enjoy your monday!

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